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372 Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn NY

We offer drop-in homework help for students on Sundays from 2:30-5:30PM, and Mondays through Thursdays from 3:00-5:30PM. Tutors are available at the lab and ready to assist students with homework, writing assignments, creative writing, and publishing projects.


A Note About Drop-in Homework Help

Parents, if you are interested in registering your child for tutoring, please come by the writing center to pick up a registration form.

826NYC is a tutoring center, where students may come to work on and receive assistance with school or individual work. Although students are encouraged to feel at home while in the center, they are also expected to have homework to do, and to be respectful of their surroundings. We reserve the right to ask students we feel are being disruptive to leave. Please understand that 826NYC is a tutoring center and should not be considered an alternative to day care or babysitting services.
While we will do our best to accomodate any student that comes to the center, we do have a limited amount of space. As a result, drop-in tutoring operates on a first-come, first serve basis

The tutoring center closes promptly at 5:30pm every day. Parents are responsible for making any necessary arrangements for getting their children home.

Students work one-on-one with our tutors.

The writing center is open five days a week, after school.

Once their homework is complete, students read or work on independent writing projects.