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We offer free evening and weekend workshops designed to foster creativity, strengthen writing skills, and provide students with a forum for executing projects they might not otherwise have the support to undertake. Workshops range from the playful to the practical, and all are taught by volunteer writers, artists, educators, and publishing professionals.

PLEASE NOTE: Workshop attendance is determined on a first come first serve basis, and may fill up quickly. Once you have signed up for a workshop, please look for an email from, outlining the next steps and verifying that we have received your request.

Our workshops are limited enrollment and often generate wait lists. With this in mind, please only sign up if you can make every session of a workshop. Thank you!

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Oral Storytelling: The Power of Quiet Voices

4 Wednesday sessions: May 7, 14, 21, and 28 (2014)


Taught by Kyle Proehl

For ages 13-18

Everyone knows a superhero's mask conceals a regular citizen with a regular name and a regular job. But if you peel back the name and job of that regular Joe or Jane, what would you reveal? What hidden stories might you find right there in plain sight? In this workshop, you'll learn how to interview, transcribe, and share the story of someone in your community who has an important perspective to tell. Using digital recording, photography, and words, you'll bring this person's oral history to life and have your final work published online by 826NYC for the world to see.

* Students must be able to attend all 4 workshop sessions! Additional research time on one weekend during the workshop may occur.

Time Travel Typewriter Workshop with harlequin creature (THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL)

2 Friday sessions: May 2, 9


Taught by Meghan Forbes

For ages 9-12

826 invites you to travel back in time with the arts and literary journal harlequin creature! In this two-session workshop, you will use typewriters on loan from harlequin creature to create your own vintage stories, then hand-bind the stories into a book for you to keep! Never used a typewriter? Unclear about what a typewriter even is? Have no fear, you will l get plenty of practice before you type your final piece. Come join us for some old-fashioned fun and fancy!

* Students must be able to attend both sessions of this workshop

Storytelling Tuesdays in Williamsburg

4 Tuesday sessions: April 29, May 6, 13, 20 (2014)


Taught by 826NYC

For ages 6-18

Our student anthology is back! 826NYC is looking for short stories, poems, comics, screenplays, songs, raps, or any other kind of writing to fill it. Come join us for Storytelling Tuesdays where you will write your stories alongside other young authors, and learn about metaphor, character, setting, symbolism, and much more. You will also have the chance to be published in the upcoming 2014 826NYC Student Review. So come join us, and become a published writer!

*Please note: This workshop takes place at our off-site location, in the 826NYC Annex room at The Williamsburg Library (240 Division Ave. at Marcy Ave). Students must be able to attend all 4 sessions of this workshop.

Mystery Writing for Aspiring Sleuths

1 Monday session: April 28 (2014)


Taught by Alyse Wexler

For ages 9-12

Our first mystery workshop was such a hit, we are offing this one-time workshop again.

It's sleuthing time, part II! You are a world-renowned detective, and your arch nemesis has just pulled off a major heist. A T-Rex has been stolen from the Museum of Natural History, and no one knows how your nemesis did it. Using a cast of suspicious characters and clues you find around the room, your job, in this one-time workshop, is to solve this mystery through writing. If you're hoping to become a bestselling mystery author, and like to solve puzzles, this is the workshop for you.

Writing Epically: What It Means To Write About America

4 Sunday sessions: April 27, May 4, 11, and 18 (2014)


Taught by Kathleen Henning

For ages 13-18

President Obama has selected you to pen an epic piece summarizing American history and beliefs. Your creation will communicate who Americans are, what they've done, and what they will do in the future. In this workshop, you will get the chance to flex your writing skills, focusing on one longer poem, song, rap, or prose piece over the course of four weeks. Never written an exposition of epic proportions before? Luckily, you have a guide in Virgil, who was assigned to do the same thing by Augustus for Rome. His epic poem "The Aeneid"will help guide you through some of the concepts and events you might want to include in your own epic tale!

* Students must be able to attend all four workshop sessions!

Improv and Comedy Writing

4 Saturday sessions: April 26, May 10, 17, and 24 (2014)


Taught by Amy Griffis and Miya Kumangai

For ages 12-14

Calling everyone that likes to have fun! i.e., calling everyone! This is an improv workshop for characters, wallflowers, comedians, class clowns, and storytellers. We believe that truthfulness and real details are always funnier than things that are made-up, and this improv workshop will teach you how to start grounded scenes and support each other's choices. The audience says, 'Walrus!, 'you say ' Dr. Woody, I'm really not comfortable flossing.' Through the course of the workshop, students improvise, create a book of comedic writings, and perform a fully improvised final show as a class.

* Students must be able to attend all 4 workshop sessions !

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