Scrabble for Cheaters
Presented by 826NYC

How it Works

On Saturday, April 25th at 12PM, join 826NYC for Scrabble for Cheaters 2015, an elimination Scrabble tournament, where you and a teammate play against other teams to compete for the coveted Cheater's Cup, plus other cool stuff. Shake Shack Custard, drinks, food, and more will be on hand to keep you focused on your game.

To help make your way toward the cup, you raise money to spend on cheats, including "Invent a Word," "Buy A Vowel," and "Create A Blank." And the best part of all — all the money you raise directly supports the free programs offered to New York City public school students by 826NYC!

Invent a Word ($500)

If you can pronounce and define it, it's a word. Invented words may not be rejected.

Reject a Word ($250)

Your opponent must remove their played word from the board, redraw new tiles, and lose their turn (Invented words may not be rejected.)

Surf the 'Net ($200)

Go on the Internet for up to two minutes and look up anything you'd like - that's right, anything. (Web surfing time does not count against your standard two minute play limit.)

Add Q, X, or Z ($150)

Add a Q, X, or Z to any word you'd like. (You must have a Q, X, or Z tile on your rack in order to do so.)

Buy a Vowel ($150)

Trade a vowel from your rack with any of your choosing that remains in the bag.

Add 10 to a Tile ($100)

Add 10 points to any tiles value.

Create a Blank ($100)

Any tile on your rack may be turned into a blank tile by flipping it over.

Trade a tile ($100)

Trade a tile from your rack with one from your partner's rack.

Opponent's Rack ($75)

Look at one of either of your opponent's racks.

Name and Place ($75)

Play a proper noun.

Exchange a Tile ($50)

Replace any letter on your rack with a new, randomly selected tile from the bag.

Passport ($50)

Play a word from any language other than English.

What Happens if I Lose My First Game?

You get a second chance in the tournament of the eliminated. All teams eliminated in the first round will be reorganized into a sub-tournament and given a chance to win a separate set of prizes.

Should I Wear a Costume?


What is 826NYC?

826NYC is a nonprofit organization in Brooklyn, NY dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. Their free services are structured around the belief that great leaps in learning can happen with one-on-one attention and that strong writing skills are fundamental to future success. For more information, please visit

What Are the Rules of the Tournament?

Other than the use of cheats, Scrabble for Cheaters Scrabble rules are exactly the same as standard Scrabble rules provided with the game.

How Do You Keep Score?

You and your partner's totals are combined to determine your team's total score.

Is There A Limit to My Turn?

Yes. Each player has exactly two minutes per turn.

Can I Communicate with My Partner During Game Play?

Yes, provided you do so within your two minute play limit.

If My Team Loses, Can I Give My Cheats to Another Team?

No. Unused cheats will be lost.

Can I Purchase More Cheats the Day Of the Tournament?

Yes, but only between matches. Also, purchased cheats can not be traded in for other cheats. All sales are final.

If Someone Donates to My Team, Are Their Donations Tax-deductible?

Yes. All donations, with the exception of the registration fee, are 100% tax deductible.

Will I be Able to See Who Donates to My Team?

Yes. On game day, we can provide you with a list of your donors.

Can I Come to Watch the Tournament if I'm not Playing?

Because space is limited, we do not allow spectators until the final rounds of the tournament.

How Long Does the Tournament Last?

The tournament lasts for you and your teammate so long as you keep winning your matches. But the final round of play usually ends around 6pm.

If I Win, Do I Get to Keep the Cheater's Cup?

Yes, but only for one year. Then you must return the following year to defend your ownership over the cup.

How Do I Get to 826NYC?

For directions, see the bottom right of our homepage at