5th Annual Scrabble for Cheaters
Noon, Saturday 21st at 826NYC

How it Works

On April 21st, join Peter Dinklage, John Hodgman, Jonathan Marc Sherman, and Michael Showalter for Scrabble for Cheaters 2012, an elimination scrabble tournament, where you and a teammate play against other teams to compete for the coveted Cheater's Cup.

To help make your way toward the cup, you raise money to spend on CHEATS, including "Invent a Word," "Buy A Vowel," and "Create A Blank."

And the best part of all — all the money you raise directly supports the free programs offered to New York City public school students by 826NYC!

Ready to Play?

  1. Sign Up in teams of two. (There is a $50 registration fee per player, which can be used for cheating on game day.)
  2. In the days leading up to the tournament on April 21st, convince friends, coworkers, and family to Support Your Team and donate money for you to spend on cheats.
  3. On game day, use the funds you raised to order from the Menu of Cheats.
  4. At noon on April 21st, you and your teammate will compete against other teams for the glory that is The Cheater's Cup, right here at 826NYC (372 5th Avenure, Park Slope, Brooklyn)!